Prevent $1,000’s In Costly Car Repairs!**

Micro Mechanic™

Easily plugs into the special
data port below your
steering wheel.

Micro Mechanic™

Sends a bluetooth message to
your phone when your engine
light goes on.

Micro Mechanic™

Micro Mechanic™ tells you
exactly what’s wrong with
your car.

Micro Mechanic™

Getting Taken Advantage Of
By Shady Mechanic Shops

The Micro Mechanic™ will not only tell you what’s wrong with your car, but it will also tell you about how much the repair should cost.

And what if you’re planning a trip, and your engine light is on. Is it safe to travel? The Micro Mechanic™ also tells you how critical the repairs are.

The Micro Mechanic™ could save you hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of dollars

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**Micro Mechanic™ works for vehicles made in 1996 and newer.

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